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It's as if we're moving in ourselves.
A building is a very personal thing. We understand that. Deciding when, where and what to build is often the most important decision an organization can make. How big? Should we own or lease? Where should it be? What will it cost? The questions are huge and, in many cases, organizations don't have experience answering them.

Since 1994, Synthesis' principals have used their many years of experience in this field to help make buildings happen for non-profit and for-profit companies and organizations. Most often, we enter the scene when there's only an idea on the table and we help an organization turn that idea into reality. Sometimes, at the request of a client, we'll jump in after the process has already started. It's whatever works for our clients that matters.

You get to do what you do and we'll do what we do.
One of the primary benefits of our helping you in this process is that you can keep to your core business instead of having to shift gears and become an expert on building buildings and all that goes with it. This is a full-time job. Elements of a project need to be addressed every day and can't be handled adequately in once-a-week meetings. We stay on top of all the details so that you can carry on with the important work that you do.

Plus, we're objective. We're not affiliated with any architects or contractors. We are in a position to look objectively at the sometimes competing internal voices of our clients. And, as you'll see, we bring our design background into play. We don't formulate the designs, but this background often helps us to identify cost efficiencies and assess budget realism.

We can dive in wherever help is needed.
To date, our efforts have concentrated mostly in the Baltimore and Central Maryland Region. That's because we like to be close to our projects and visit often. Synthesis projects have involved new construction or adaptive reuse of existing structures.

Our backgrounds are varied and strong. We are experienced in architectural and engineering design; organizational management in both the public and private sectors; planning; and institutional, commercial office, warehouse, and industrial development.

Our management services are comprehensive. They can involve a single building or encompass master planning of a campus or entire business park.

We manage:
Project facility planning and feasibility analysis
Site identification and acquisition
Selection and direction of the design and construction teams
Project financing
Tenant leasing
Project design
Site and building permit processing
Construcion oversight
Coordination of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) specification, procurement and installation
Master planning

It's personal to us.
Maybe it's our close association with non-profits, but when we get involved in projects we truly get involved. Whether we're working on a building expansion or an entire campus, it's not just bricks and sticks to us, it's personal. We become part of your family. It's as if we're building something for ourselves.

And time and time again, we save our clients our fee and then some. In other words, our experience as engineers, designers, architects, and managers allows us to find cost savings in every project we handle. So the bottom line to our clients is that they, in effect, often pay nothing for our services.

We thank you for visiting our website. Please take a moment or two to review some of our completed project case histories. And if you have any questions at any time, please contact us.

Thank you,
Jim, Bob, Tom and staff
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