We'll do whatever it takes
We will do absolutely whatever it takes to help you turn your vision for the future into reality. The degree to which we participate is completely up to you. We can bring our full range of services to bear on your behalf. Or, at your request, we can provide point solutions and handle specific areas of a project.

This is what we do:
Project Feasibility
A. Refine Project Definition (confirm project objectives, prepare preliminary space program)
B. Confirm the Feasibility of Conceptual Site and Building Plans (assess functional efficiency, capacity, marketability, and zoning compliance)
C. Confirm Project Financing (manage and/or prepare construction cost estimate, preliminary financing pro forma, market assessment, business plan, contacts with prospective lenders and investors)
D. Prepare Project Development Schedule

Project Implementation
A. Site Selection Management
  1. Identify potential sites
  2. Evaluate potential sites (against program, budget and schedule objectives)
  3. Negotiate acquisition of site (purchase or lease)
  4. Coordinate zoning requirements
B. Design Management (consistent with program, budget and schedule objectives).
  1. Design team selection
  2. Design team management
  3. Value engineering
  4. Energy and conservation/green building analysis
  5. Functional evaluation of design concepts
C. Budget Management
  1. Refine and update project budget (ongoing)
  2. Refine financing pro formas
  3. Manage cost estimating and value engineering
  4. Review, recommend and process project invoices
D. Schedule Management
  1. Refine and update project schedule (ongoing)
E. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
  1. Coordinate selection of furniture, fixtures and equipment (voice, data, security, etc.)
  2. Coordinate specialized equipment
  3. Prepare keying schedule
F. Zoning and Permit Management
  1. Rezoning, conditional uses and variances (if required)
  2. Building permit
  3. Grading permit
G. Financing Management
  1. Provide comparative analysis of financial options
  2. Solicit proposals from lending institutions
  3. Prepare financing applications
  4. Review and negotiate loan documents
  5. Solicit, review and/or negotiate supporting documents e.g., appraisal, environmental assessment, zoning opinion, agreements to complete, draw schedule, etc.
  6. Prepare draw requests
H. Construction oversight (the following assumes project is bid to pre-qualified general contractors; however, alternative approaches may be preferable depending on market conditions and other factors)
  1. Identify pre-qualified general contractors (GC's)
  2. Prepare bid package (including construction phasing sequence, invitation to bid, bid form, supplemental general conditions)
  3. Review and evaluate GC proposals
  4. Negotiate GC agreement
  5. Monitor construction (visit site 1-2 times per week, attend bi-weekly progress meetings, review change orders, participate in creating punch lists, testing and commissioning and final acceptance of construction)
  6. Coordinate assembly and turnover of operation and maintenance manuals, warrantees, etc.
  7. Coordinate installation of owner-contracted equipment (voice, data, security, audio visual, etc.)
I. Move-In
  1. Coordinate phased move-in of new and renovated facilities
  2. Coordinate relocations and start-up
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