We'll help you look at the big picture.

Many times, our clients are looking to do more than a building. They're interested in planning for long-term growth and development. We'll work with them to plan an entire scheme or “campus.”

Our Project Managers come from diverse backgrounds that include working with large institutions with multiple buildings on a single property or campus, or even spread out within the region. For example, Jim Truby was previously Administrator of the Maryland Aviation Administration, where he directed planning and operations of facilities spread out over the entire State, including the 3,000 acre BWI Airport. We have applied his experience and that of our other Project Managers to help Synthesis' clients to address the special problems they face when planning for these multiple building or campus situations. Colleges, medical institutions, schools, churches, and others have benefited from our capabilities.

While the implementation stage of projects on campuses is very similar to the requirements for constructing individual buildings on individual lots, the planning aspects of campuses presents a different set of problems. Synthesis manages all phases of planning:

1. Facility assessments and condition surveys
2. User surveys
3. Demand forecasting
4. Requirements analysis
5. Identification of development options
6. Evaluation of alternatives
7. Space programming
8. Environmental assessments
9. Economic analyses
10. Energy conservation and renewable energy studies
11. Traffic and pedestrian circulation studies
12. Development of Long Range Master Plans
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