Medical Society of New Jersey - Finger Point (Illustration)


When the government starts pointing fingers about skyrocketing medical costs… we’d like to point out a few things of our own.

Over the last several years Medicare costs have skyrocketed. During the same period, doctors’ Medicare fees have not. So who’s kidding whom when the government tries to misdirect the blame for the high cost of this healthcare system to doctors?

Don’t let them fool you. The top priority of doctors in this country continues to be to provide quality comprehensive healthcare for the elderly and disabled. While doctors are gravely concerned about the threat to this quality of care posed by high costs, they alone cannot cure the ills of our nation’s unhealthy Medicare system.

It is past time that the re-examing of this healthcare program were a top national priority. That’s the only way we’ll get to the bottom of this national health crisis. Please write to your congressman and make him aware of your concerns.

The Medical Society of New Jersey