By William White

In a previous post, I addressed the complicated process of college selection by high school seniors. However, other decisions exist, which are just as important and will shape the student in question. Each Independent school environment is distinctly unique. Certain Independent schools aren’t compatible with specific students. Despite a parent’s attempts to find the right school, one of the best ways to find the right fit is to consider the input of the student.

Taking the child’s opinion into account does seem like a natural decision, but different variables exist, dependent on the age of the student. Younger students entering lower or middle school maybe more candid about their visiting experience. However, a young child has limited capabilities regarding the scope on what a school can provide them. Conversely older students can consider their own individual needs for a school but may find it difficult to express a strong sentiment toward any one particular school.

Involving the student in selecting the “right” school clearly isn’t a foolproof solution. Depending on the student, it is possible that none of the school visits make a solid impact. Or perhaps the perspective student might love every single school they visit.

From personal experience, I do have a strong belief that visiting schools, if only for one day, can be extremely helpful. Visiting helped me find the best scholastic match, although I was very young when I switched schools after the second grade.

Independent schools should continue providing these school visitation days, for potential students of all ages. In my opinion, the person who will be undergoing the scholastic experience should have input on school selection.

How do you feel about student input when choosing a school to attend? Do you agree or disagree with my sentiment? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Dalton White is a recent graduate from Kenyon College. He majored in English with a creative concentration and is happy to use those skills while at Kalix.