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Admissions, Enrollment and Retention Management

Admission, Enrollment and Retention Management

We understand that a comprehensive strategic admissions and enrollment plan goes well beyond simply filling open houses and coordinating shadow days. It’s all about the financial stability and long-term sustainability of your school.

Your admissions funnel won’t fill up by itself. In today’s hyper-competitive educational market, parents and students have many choices.

  • How will you clearly articulate your value proposition and position your school as a category of one?
  • Is your admission strategy a school-wide endeavor?
  • Do your students, faculty, board members and parents understand their crucial role as part of your school’s successful admissions and enrollment initiatives?
  • Prospective families are looking for a combination of authenticity, price, fit and overall comfort with your school’s academic and communal environments. Will their children feel that they have found a second home?
  • What is your retention strategy? How are you keeping the families you’ve enrolled – and keeping them excited to tell other families about your school?
  • How does your brand – your message and look – weave through your viewbook, website, social media and during in-person visits to your school? Is it a true reflection of your school and your culture? The biggest compliment that a visiting family can give is that your school is just what they expected only more so.

At Kalix, we help you find the answers to these crucial questions. We understand the unique eco-systems that today’s independent schools have become. And we know that successful, sustaining admissions and enrollment management is both a science and an art.