My parents have been on Entourage for years for their email. I know that Entourage sucks because it stores everything in a single file and if that file gets corrupted, they lose everything. I set them up with a backup drive that they never have on. Well Entourage failed. I’ve been dreading this day and was hoping they would die before their email did (damn their resilience). They took the computer to a store and got their last backup reinstalled from 2010. Yes, they lost everything from the last few years. Entourage still isn’t working so I took the opportunity to switch them to Apple mail and Contacts. I am now on 24/7 emergency phone support. Am I yelling? Absolutely. My mother says she wants to get her emails back. Which I interpret as emails people had sent her. No, she is actually asking, “how do I add an email address to Contacts?” Maddening.