Another fun tech support call with my 79 year old dad. My 9 year old nephew is visiting. He and my 77 year old mom went parasailing. Go mom! Well the company gave them a disc with photos. Dad put it in computer. Nothing. Put it in DVD player. Nothing. So he calls me. I can’t connect to his computer, but know what the issue is. My dad likes to “help” when I am troubleshooting. I am working on connecting and he keeps saying “do you need the password?”. I say, “No I have it, give me a second.” He says, “let me read the password to you”. I say, “dad I don’t need the password”. He then starts reading the password. I finally say, “dad don’t say anything, don’t click anything”. He starts clicking. Anyway, I got the photos off the disc. I also managed to end my streak of sobriety. Where is the vodka bottle?