My dad called me because he got an email from after attempting to buy me a gift card from the site for Christmas. He was concerned that he did it incorrectly. The way he described what he did sounded like he had actually redeemed the gift card to his account.

I said, “You may have accidentally redeemed the gift card to your account.”

To which my dad, a master curmudgeon, who has taught me everything I know of the grumbling arts said, “Jesus Christ! Why do you have me do things on the fucking computer?!? Every time I do it is a god-damned disaster. I never use amazon! What the hell am going to do with a credit on a site I never use!?!”

I said, “Dad, you realize you can get an Amazon gift card at just about any grocery store, convenience store, or pharmacy, right? You don’t need to touch a computer to get one.”

More cursing from dad.

I said, “Calm down. Let’s first see if you actually redeemed the card to your account before you freak out further.”

So I went to my computer and attempted to log on to his computer so I could see the email and browser screen he was freaking out about.

Well, he didn’t have the software that allows me to see his screen turned on. This of course elicited another profanity-infused verbal assault on his computer and predicament. Once again leaving his innocent iMac cowering in the corner afraid to move, shivering in fear, just trying to avoid another tirade.

He managed to get the software running and I was able to see his screen.

Instead of sending the gift card to my email address, he sent it to his own and then he clicked to redeem it. He was one click away from confirming the redemption to his account. I could see the claim number and to thwart any further problems, quickly entered it into my account.

Dad was relieved. If you heard a sonic boom near the Ocean City, MD area, it was just my dad’s blood pressure slapping back to normal. Crisis averted.