Holy fuck! (Which is apparently a fuck blessed by a priest, but that is besides the point).
Just spent an HOUR on the phone with my 81 year old dad helping him order something on Amazon.com.
Yesterday, he went to Amazon as he always does, and how I am just finding out he does, by going to yahoo.com and searching for Amazon and clicking on what comes up. Which, often is NOT Amazon, but a fake site.
He was concerned that his cart had over $200 worth of stuff in it. So, he decided to call Amazon. How did he get that number? Yahoo.com.
He spoke with someone who did not speak very good English who then tried to trick him into PAYING to fix the issues in his shopping cart.He told my dad his credit card had been used in Mexico to buy a Rolex. My dad hung up thankfully.
He found the number for the real Amazon and called them. He got frustrated, as any self-respecting curmudgeon would, and hung up on them too. They called back, trying to help. In the end he decided not to do anything. Phew.
I just gave him an hour long lesson including how to get the actual Amazon without using Yahoo. This consisted of me trying to explain where in his browser, not yahoo (his homepage), to type amazon.com, and finally giving up and emailing him a link to click.
I then tried to walk him through how to change his email (he had an old, defunct email in there) and password on Amazon.com.
In the end, I logged in as him from my computer and made the changes for him.
I then explained why he had over $200 worth of stuff in his shopping cart. He must have been trying for a while to buy his hearing aid batteries, because there were 12 different orders for them in there.
I walked him through how to delete items in his shopping cart.
I then stayed on the phone with him until his order was complete. After hanging up, I did as I always do after a tech support call with my parents, I started drinking. Heavily.